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If you’re looking, for a router to bring fast, Wi-Fi to your home then put the D-Link wireless router on the list. D-Link router is planned for medium to large homes performs well in 2.4GHz & 5GHz throughput, & put forwards rock-solid features set, together with Gigabit LAN ports, USB ports, lots of admin settings, & security next to malicious websites & infected users. D-Link router has file-transmit speeds are average, but it’s still worth a value. So, with many features, it becomes a need to process D-Link router setup. D-Link Wireless routers enclose a suitable Setup Wizard to walk you through the course of the router configuration with some basic steps for executing D-Link router setup.

In order to, setup D-link router user need, to connect with a router to the modem, & also connect a computer, with network and then, run Setup Wizard. Depending upon the type of network, a user uses will change the process little bit, Time to attach, D-Link router with modem.

  • Power adapter came with the router package. Attach adapter to D-link router & then to wall passage or power stripe. / D-Link router setup
  • Now, Run an Ethernet cable from modem to WAN port on D-Link router. Existing port is frequently highlighted in yellow to differentiate it departing Ethernet ports.
  • In case, you are using a D-Link DSL 2640T, which has built-in DSL modem. In its place of connecting with a device to one more modem via an Ethernet cable, a user must attach a phone cable as of a phone jack to DSL port on the rear of D-Link 2640T. / D-Link router setup
  • Now, wait, for Power & WAN status lights to come upon. It will take just a few minutes.

Now connect your computer to a D-Link wireless router.

  • In the case of wired connection, first attach an Ethernet cable, with Ethernet port on the computer, & to one of the Ethernet ports, on D-Link router. The user can make use of any Ethernet ports, on d-link router apart, from the WAN port, which must be attached to modem. / D-Link router setup
  • Or if you are using a wireless connection, then just tab on Network Icon, on the system taskbar.

  • Now click on a name of a network, related to the D-link router. Already written on configuration card packaged of a router. It is d-link go behind by a little string of numbers.
  • Now fill password, or network key, the password is already written, on configuration tag. / D-Link router setup
  • Next, click on connect to join the network.

Steps for D-Link router configuration

  • Start by opening a web browser, and enter D-link router IP address, into web browser address bar.
  • Time, to enter default username & password, in next prompted window & press Ok. You have to enter Username as admin & left password option blank.
  • Now, start Setup Wizard for D-Link router setup. Just click on Run Wizard or Next. D-link router by default, then make the selection for nearly all settings based on general defaults for user connection type. Moving further, it will ask a number of question.



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